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Born in Washington, D.C., Carl Hitchens is a poet, mythical storyteller, essayist, blogger, and cultural observer. His publishing credits include the books “Sitting with Warrior” (Historical Memoir/Myth – iUniverse 2010) and “Shades of Light” (Spiritual and social-relevant poetry – iUniverse 2013), and the contributive poem, “Breath of Fire” (Anthology “Meditation on Divine Names,” Editor Maja Trochimczyk – Moonrise Press 2012).

Through his writing, the author strives to act as a voice of cultural, social, and political examination, critique and criticism. In this regard, he shares his writing of experiences in war with veterans and non-veterans alike to promote understanding and insight on the challenges of post-war readjustment. To that end, he accepted the invitation to do a book reading of “Sitting with Warrior” (Historical Memoir/Myth) at the Veterans Resource Fair, sponsored by The Yavapai Community College Veteran Connection (Feb. 28, 2011). He also relishes opportunities to present and recite his poetry from “Shades of Light” and his other works (spiritual and social-relevant narrative) before the public.

The author is of Nanticoke heritage mixed with other drums and songs, and a long-time practitioner of Yoga. He finds ‘walking in beauty’ on Mother Earth nurturing to his spirit. During the Vietnam War, he served with Alpha Company, 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division.

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Today & Yesterday –

An Online International Literary Journal –

focusing on the social, political, cultural, economic, and ecological issues. Laughing Fire Press, July 2014

Shades of Light

Spiritual and socially relevant poetry. iUniverse, 2013

Breath of Fire

Meditations on Divine Names –

A Multi-Faith Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Maja Trochimczyk, Editor. Moonrise Press, 2012

Historical Memoir-Myth:

Sitting with Warrior –

An elucidation of the Warrior Spirit and the inner-warrior. iUniverse, Dec. 2010

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