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Earlier this week (July 11th–16th), in response to the NAACP calling on the Tea Party to reject the racism that exists within its own ranks,1 outraged Tea Party activists denied that racism is a part of their movement—notwithstanding an indisputable, documented pattern of bigotry and hate.2

Then on July 15th, Mark Williams, the public face of the Tea Party Express, attacked the NAACP as a “racist” organization, commenting “they make more money off of race than any slave trader, ever.”3, 4 Not done, Williams went on to blog a post implying that Black people don’t like to work or think for themselves, and depend on welfare, and want White people’s tax dollars for a widescreen TV in every room.5

Not racist, huh. Words of denial are empty. Actions speak volumes. As a Vietnam veteran, don't tell me you support my sacrifices for this country; don’t give me this crap about standing up for the Constitution, when you attack the very organizations and institutions that enabled me to live beyond second-class citizen status. Without the Bill of Rights, supported and enforced by federal law, Jim Crow laws 6 would still reign. Guess what, we’re not going back.

It is a class war that you wage below the surface of instigated race sectarianism. The unfortunate fact that there are poor and middle-class white people—baited by unfounded fear and ignorance—who don’t get this, does not alter the truth. You’ve given them a common, scapegoat enemy to dread, when, instead, it is you.

Underneath the Tea Party’s public persona is an entrenched status quo-elite bent on returning the country back to de facto indentured servitude under its class and corporate hegemony.

But we, the e pluribus unum—the genuine America you wish to take back “your country” from—declare “your country” to be the unfinished America we true patriots have outgrown.

Cease and desist; your time has passed.

— Carl Hitchens


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