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Fascinating Discovery

Prompted by the knowledge that certain freshwater plants are a nutritionally dense food source, a school teacher began experimenting with a green botanical growing so thickly on the surface of a nearby lake that it made the water look like pea soup. But as he shared this exceptional food, the health benefits people experienced went far beyond pea soup, or—in fact—what anyone had expected! The curious botanical was identified as Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA for short). It took nearly three decades for the mystery of AFA’s wide array of reported benefits to be solved.

Nature Meets Science

In the mid-1990’s, botanical researcher Christian Drapeau—a neurophysiologist by training—came on the scene. Intrigued by the promise AFA held for the world, Christian and his associates conducted years of intense research. Despite isolating several powerful nutritional components, the amazingly diverse range of AFA’s benefits defied adequate explanation.

Then one day, a momentous breakthrough was made—one destined to literally change the world!

Historical Breakthrough

While reflecting on the newly emerging field of stem cell research at the turn of the century, an idea suddenly hit Christian like a lightning bolt. What if stem cells from the bone marrow constituted the natural renewal system of the body, and what if AFA somehow supported the body in naturally releasing more stem cells? What if the promise of stem cell research attached to controversial embryonic stem cells, actually lays with supporting our body’s own releasing of adult stem cells—proposed as the core of the natural renewal process?

Solid Science

First-Ever Stem Cell Enhancer

StemEnhance® is the world’s first stem cell enhancer—a proprietary, concentrated AFA extract that increases the number of circulating stem cells within the bloodstream. This has been documented by a groundbreaking clinical study that was later published in the highly respected journal, Cardiovascular Revascularization Medicine.

Success through Serving Others

Ray Carter, a seasoned business entrepreneur with a MBA, a heart for helping people, and many years of successful direct sales experience, joined forces with Christian Drapeau in a common vision to improve millions of lives around the world. Ray and Christian worked tirelessly bringing to market something never before seen by the world.

StemTech does not sell its products in stores, choosing, instead, to pay out literally millions of dollars 
to those who help others by simply sharing the STEMTech Products and Opportunity. And each purchase of a STEMTech product by our distributors and their customers helps fund the STEMTech Global Foundation, dedicated to the support of children’s causes around the world.


The fun is just beginning, as evidenced by our recent expansion into several countries around the world. The future is bright. We invite you to join us as a customer or distributor and make our story your story too!

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Although STEMTech HealthSciences itself was founded in 2005,

the STEMTech Story actually began several decades before, in

the late 1970’s …

The StemTech Story

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